Trusted by world’s leading brands since 2013, YOptima is a programmatic-first, full-funnel, growth marketing platform for digital marketers and agencies globally. 

We leverage the power of programmatic media to help brands expand their targeted reach, and deliver non-linear growth by optimizing the marketing funnel for brand lift, search lift and incrementality.

We combine Machine Learning with Human Intelligence to discover unique audience insights and optimize results across the marketing funnel.

YOptima is a Google Premier Partner, a Google certified Ad Tech Provider, and Google International Growth Partner. Ranked by Deloitte amongst 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in India, YOptima is a Red Herring Global 100 winner.

What's in a name?

YOptima (pronounced “Y Optima”) stands for Yield Optimization, the concept of maximizing returns on the inventory available all the time. Another origin of our brand name is the concept of optimizing for the Y axis (outcomes) for a given X (inputs). Yet another interpretation conceived by the YOptimists (our team) is that it’s about optimizing the marketing funnel (that resembles Y).

We believe that when the customer makes you or your business the centre of what they do in your solution area, you have achieved customer centricity.

Our Mission

Build and Grow Brands via Full Funnel Marketing Powered by Programmatic.

There is no dearth of data, measurements, and visualization tools in ad tech.
But there is a huge gap and opportunity to convert this massive mountain of data into unambiguous insights and live recommendations for all operational and strategic stakeholders, and drive business growth.

Want to Understand your Customers and Audiences better?

Get Audience Insights worth $500 for free!

The YOptimists

The team that makes it possible.

Satish Kadu

CoFounder & CEO

Mukund Raghavan

Cofounder & COO