Our tech stack is built to support operational scalability and complexity of running programmatic campaigns, and solves for complex statistical problems such as audience pattern discovery, Simpson’s Paradox and incrementality vs. correlation.

Our full-stack programmatic OS combines the power of proprietary tech (nyo, AudienceY, DeepVu, and InstaBid) with the media buying stack that includes world’s leading DSPs and best-in-class 3rd party tech solutions. 


DeepVu is a powerful campaign optimization tool built using YOptima’s domain expertise combined with advanced statistical and machine learning techniques. Mining campaign performance logs across multiple DSPs, DeepVu provides automated insights and recommendations around hot spots and cold spots for outcome optimization via custom bidding. It overcomes several limitations of manual data analysis, and greatly improves ROI with higher throughput.


AudienceY is an integrated DMP that presents to marketers a unified consumer journey across myriad digital touch points, and builds lookalikes of their best customers. 


nyo is a marketing automation platform that helps plan, set up and operate full funnel campaigns in a scalable way. The platform is meant to drive viable scale-up of core business operations by automating and unifying the mechanics and intelligence and intuition behind running a digital campaign lifecycle across multiple media platforms.


Instabid is our home-grown DSP, programmatically plugged into major Ad Exchanges. The platform is built as an Autopilot Marketing Engine that needs little human intervention and campaign management.

YO Natv.

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