The core operating principles exhibited by the YOptimists are Higher Sense of Responsibility, Bias for Action, Transparency, Persistence with Adaptability, Curiosity and Humility.

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YOptima is a well capitalized digital startup pioneering full funnel marketing via programmatic media. YOptima is trusted by leading marketers and agencies in India and is expanding its footprint globally.

Here are some of our values and beliefs that define our work culture and hiring principles.

  1. We believe in always-on hiring, and we keep looking for great people and try to find a suitable position around them.
  2. We believe that successful people have more failures than average people have attempts. And that success needs the creative mindset to deal with ambiguities when you start, the persistence and humility to iterate and course correct, and the courage to handle failure and rise up again. 
  3. We look for people who are initiative driven, and not interruption driven. The ones who challenge the status quo with humility and candor, but not arrogance. 
  4. We believe startup managers and leaders are great individual contributors too, and that there is no place for context-free leadership. 
  5. We believe that the curiosity and persistence to learn new skills and nuances, and to apply the smartness in different contexts matter more than the acquired knowledge or skills.


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