YOptima unleashes the power of programmatic media to help brands expand their targeted reach, and deliver non-linear growth by optimizing the marketing funnel for brand lift, search lift and incrementality.

Our solutions are handcrafted by listening in to the market closely, and understanding the ever evolving needs behind the wants, and addressing them with the universe of possibilities enabled by tech.


High GRP brand blast campaign that maximizes high-frequency reach using the power of media consolidation across all digital screens via video, roadblocks and native ads.


Drive business growth via a full-funnel strategy expanding high-frequency targeted reach, and amplifying top-of-the-mind brand recall, search lift and conversions.


Contextually targeted ads at high SOV and cost efficiency, matching ads to relevant sites and apps that represent the context across Display and Video environment.


Target audiences that are interested in your product category and searching for or using your competition brands.


Unleash the power of custom bidding and outcome based buying to optimize for audience targeted performance goals.


Maximize value of your 1st party audience and drive re-engagement, repeats, upsell, cross-sell and referrals via RFM strategies.

Digital OOH

Catch eyeballs at the right time and the right place across the globe via Digital Out of Home (DOOH) ads.

Smart Creatives

Data-driven Creatives, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), API powered in-moment ads, and YouTube Director’s Mix.


Linear TV replaced and re-imagined via Connected TV ads to maximize reach and impact with better connected marketing.

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