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YOptima runs a Programmatic-first, Full Funnel Growth Marketing Platform for Digital Marketers and Media Agencies globally.

We combine Machine Learning with Human Intelligence to discover unique audience insights and optimize results across the marketing funnel.

We leverage the power of programmatic media to help brands expand their targeted reach, and deliver non-linear growth by optimizing the marketing funnel for brand lift, search lift and incrementality.


Experience the power of Programmatic Marketing with us

YOptima unleashes the power of programmatic media to help brands expand their targeted reach, and deliver non-linear growth by optimizing the marketing funnel for brand lift, search lift and incrementality.

Our solutions are handcrafted by listening in to the market closely, and understanding the latent needs behind the ever evolving wants, and addressing them with the universe of possibilities enabled by tech.

Audience Pretargeting

Optimize media buying even before spending – We mine through on-site & off-site user journeys & discover high-affinity patterns exhibited by your best customers.

Custom Audiences

Build custom audiences to precisely target your Target Group – Follow, Classify and Build custom audiences on multiple dimensions and signals.

High Value Inventory

Access high quality underpriced inventory – Our algorithms identify underpriced high value ad inventory which deliver better value for your campaign.

Guaranteed Viewability

Target ads that are “in view”! We give you guaranteed view CPM

Pricing That Works

Flexible pricing models – Choose from CPM, gvCPM, Cost-per-view, CPC and more. We offer a fully transparent, outcome driven managed service.

20+ Targeting Levers

Calibrate more than 20 levers across Audience, Context, Geography, Inventory and Media.


Drive business growth via a full-funnel strategy amplifying top-of-the-mind brand recall, brand salience, search lift and conversions.


Unleash the power of custom bidding and outcome based buying to optimize for performance goals and ROAS at the bottom of the funnel.


Maximize value of your 1st party audience and drive re-engagement, repeats, upsell, cross-sell and referrals via RFM strategies.

Digital OOH

Catch eyeballs at the right time and the right place across the globe via Digital Out of Home (DOOH) ads.

Smart Creatives

Hyper-personalized content delivered via Data-driven Creatives, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), Live-feed powered ads, and Director’s Mix.

Connected TV

Target cord cutters and cord shavers via Connected TV and maximize reach and impact with better connected marketing.


Offerings From YOptima.

Media/Programmatics for Agencies & Brands

Self Serve with Tech support.

Fully Managed – End-to-end delivery along with strategic consulting.






Your extended team.

Get access to best of the best trained traders, campaign managers and operations army.

Consulting - Insight driven

Actionable Consulting, backed by Data and Experience

Why Choose Us

How YOptima Is Different From the also rans

Deep Domain Expertise

Thought leadership, practical insights and best practices over decades of experience building and operating ad-tech products.

Day-1 Mindset

Always evolving and challenging the status quo. Developing new capabilities and solutions combining Data, Business Acumen & Creativity.

Tech Focused

Data Driven Discovery, Targeting and Optimization Platform that delivers Insights, Innovations and Impact to Marketers globally.

Strategic Engagements

Delivering consultative, high-touch, outcome focused managed services, and powering in-housing strategies.

Accelerated Performance

Custom bidding algorithms powered by accelerated discovery of hotspots and coldspots of performance.

Insights First

Discover unique insights across audience, media, creative and markets mining your 1st party data.

Want to Understand your Customers and Audiences better?

Get Audience Insights worth $500 for free!


Productising the mechanics, intelligence and intuition

YOptima combines Machine Learning with Human Intelligence to discover unique audience insights, and optimize performance across the marketing funnel for Marketers and Agencies.

Our tech stack is built to support operational scalability and complexity of running programmatic campaigns, and solves for complex statistical problems such as audience pattern discovery, Simpson’s Paradox and incrementality vs. correlation.

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